Noor Shaiban Co Ltd. Was established in the year 2015, it is specialized in providing high end solar products to its customers. Since then, we have been providing our products and services to our customers such as household owners, companies, enterprises, farm owners as well as private and government sectors. Since our establishment and our aim is to fulfill the needs and challenges of our customers needs with latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions specially with continuous updates in the solar application sector. Besides, we provide a full services starting from designing the suitable solution system , importing the products and installing and continue supporting out customers with after sale support .

Our premium international brands

Our services

What we do ?

Solar system installation

• Procurement and install all solar system applications for house hold, enterprises.
• Procurement and install irrigation solar system.
• Designing and installation of all electrical structures of civil works and buildings

Maintenance and Operation

• Special team of engineers and Electrical Consultants to study and design electrical diagram based on each individual project as well as provide the necessary maintenance in our specialized workshop or on site.

Technical and after sale support

• Specialist Workshops to repair and maintenance all electrical and electronic devices, inverters and charge controllers.
• Specialist Workshops to maintenance and regenerate all solar batteries.
• Supplying all spare parts of electronic devices, Inverters and solar chargers.
• Special team to provide after sales support for all customers

Our Applications